Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Mystery

I can't believe it -- they're trying to kill me! Everyone is glaring at me like they would like to grab me and tie me up and beat me to death. I don't know where all the blood came from - down my left arm, splattered on the wall and dripping to the floor. I was dodging them in the hallway, ducking into empty rooms and hoping they wouldn't find me.
The next I knew, I was back in bed wondering how I got there and why all the blood and tubes. I was extremely fearful for my life. I knew they were plotting to eliminate me from humanity. I just had to keep quiet and still so I wouldn't cause a disturbance. I couldn't trust anyone - what a terrible position I found myself. I was afraid for my life. When they came into the room to take my vitals, I prayed they would not slip poison into my medication or tie me to the bed so they could kill me later.
The following day (or so I thought it was the following day), I was quiet and reserved. I barely spoke to anyone - I couldn't trust anyone at all! If I didn't ask anything or ask for help, I would be safe since I wouldn't be calling attention to myself. I watched T.V. - "Hold on to your dreams" was being sung for a Ford commercial. Hold on to your dreams I thought - how true! Can my dreams be strong enough to save my life? Can my prayers save me? Can the Chaplain save me with his prayers? I didn't know - my mind was so confused with what was reality and what was not. All I can remember is I didn't want to die. Face-to-face with my God, I knew He wouldn't let me die. After all, I have a son with Muscular Dystrophy and I just couldn't die - could I?

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