Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fond Memories

Whenever I visited Rudy and his sister, Scraps, Rudy would rub and rub around my legs, often stepping in front of Scraps so I would pay attention to him first. Always stepping in front of Scraps to assure he would be the first in line to be fed, played with and loved. I used to pick him up, sit on the stool in the living room and love and love on him. What a great furry animal he was. Oh Scraps had her time with me but only after Rudy. Scraps was polite and always relinquished her spot so Rudy would be first. I know Rudy appreciated and loved his sister for this because Scraps loved and appreciated him right back as I did. I'll never forget Rudy - he took a piece of my heart yesterday as I'm sure he did with Mary, Leslie and Scraps. Rest in peace Rudy - you were one of God's greatest creations.

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