Monday, August 9, 2010

Ya' Gotta Love Jet Blue

Earlier today a Jet Blue plane landed without incident at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.  While the plane was still in motion moving toward the gate, a male passenger--ignoring the still on fasten seat belt light and instructions to stay seated--got up and opened an overhead luggage bin.  A flight attendant--also male though gender, I'm sure was no determining factor in this scenario--also got up and said stuff to the passenger probably along the lines of 'you've gotta stay seated' or 'return to your seat' or some such.  What happened next is a bit of a reporting blur.  The door to the overhead bin may have hit the attendant's face or a piece of luggage may have hit his head or perhaps just long hours in the sky slammed into his skull.  At any rate the story now clear, he walked back to the galley, activated the emergency chute (remember that the plane is still in motion) grabbed a beer and, before he descended onto the taxi way via the emergency chute) returned to the passenger cabin long enough to shout, "F--k you all!"  He then, beer in hand, jumped onto the emergency chute, ran to his car parked nearby, drove to his home in Queens, and drank his beer while waiting for the police to arrive.  He was charged with misdemeanor mischief and carted off.  I imagine Jet Blue will have a few words to say to him and probably also ask for the price of the beer.
You just have to love Jet Blue and this guy who lived out the dream of every employee who sucks up the last straw and comes back for more.  Today this flight attendant, harming no one, said enough.

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Anonymous said...

As a frequent Jet Blue flier, I can't tell you how many times I have dreamed about cursing at the flight attendants, grabbing a beer, and jumping out of the plane. The flight attendants are, for the most part, an unfriendly and unhelpful group of employees who often act as if the passengers are a nuisance who are interrupting their personal time to chat and read magazines.