Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life Is What Happens --

-- While you're busy making other plans.  (John Lennon)
While Scraps The Cat has been sorting through memorabilia and deciding what stuff to take with her, her feline house and soul mate Rudolph Valentino Catz (Rudy) died.  Out of the blue as though he couldn't wait for Scraps to get her act together his liver failed.
Losing a pet is really hard.
Even when Scraps finally calls it quits, we will still weep and try to find ways to fill the hole in our hearts and home that was her life.  Her passing will be sad but certainly not unexpected.  After all, she's walking around with no bone in her right front leg.  Rudy's death took us by surprise.  Listless for no more a day or two, yesterday morning he could barely walk.  The vet said that something 'really bad' destroyed his liver.  She said that even if there was a treatment it probably wouldn't work and if on the slight chance it did, recovery would be long and full of discomfort.
Her eyes filled with tears and she suggested we say goodbye.  So we did.  It was a heart breaking and at the same time obvious decision because the cat had gone downhill so quickly and so completely.
Little furry lives take up a lot of space.
Last night Scraps sat in the corner where she last saw Rudy and cried a mournful cat cry of pain that her morphine couldn't touch.
She's better today especially after a second helping of organic yogurt and sardines.
Rudolph Valentino Catz.
One of a kind.
But, then, aren't they all.

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austen cornell said...

Oh I am so sorry to read this! Yeah, losing a an animal friend is its own pain. Love and good thoughts to you all.