Friday, August 20, 2010

Meanwhile Back At The Death Bed

Scraps the Cat apparently has not yet received the memo that her days are numbered.  Tonight she ate her yogurt and, for a refreshing change, sardines.  She then moved on to regular dry food and finished off the banquet with a bite or two of the regular canned food.  She jumps up on her favorite footstool and as I write this insists on sitting in my lap to oversee her publicity.
Come to think of it, Scraps has the right idea.
After all, this just in.
All of us have days that are numbered.
Scraps, instead of focusing on today's number, chooses instead to focus on life's pleasures.
Okay.  You can say she's a cat and just doesn't get it.
I disagree.  Not about her species but about whether or not she gets it.  The level of her insight doesn't much matter.  What I'm learning from her is that life is worth living regardless of the number of bones left in your right front leg.
Keep on dancing, Scraps.

1 comment:

Marnie said...

She can't give up yet - she's got a good thing going and needs to hang on to it for a while longer.