Sunday, August 15, 2010

Um, Not So Fast...

On Tuesday, we took our beloved cat, Scraps, to the vet and came to the realization that she wouldn't be with us long. On Wednesday, we went to the gourmet grocery in Encino and bought her favorite foods: lox, organic banana yogurt and a little container of caviar. On Wednesday evening, the Other Family Human wrote a beautiful tribute to Scraps' life. People are still commenting on it.

And if Scraps could read, she'd be able to read it. Because she's still around.

The vet told us to write down Scraps' favorite activities and when she stopped doing more than half of them, it was time to consider bringing her in for the Final Moment. On Wednesday and Thursday, it looked as if that would be soon. She was listless, uninterested in food, and only opened her mouth when forced to take her painkiller and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Then, Thursday evening, something happened.

We walked into the room with the cat food dish, and caught her chowing down. She now rubs up against us again, wanting to be petted. Saturday evening, she jumped up on the couch. How, we can only guess. We figure that with all the good grub and attention, she has postponed her road trip to see how long she can play this one out. Keep it up, Scraps. We're with you till you're ready.


Anonymous said...

I'm there with you Scraps. I keep trying to come over to visit, but one thing or another gets in the way. I know I'll get there Scraps. Here's a big slobbery kiss and hug from me.

Marnie said...

Don't be surprised if she can read!