Sunday, August 22, 2010

Now You're Really Asking Me To Sacrifice

Target Stores is in the news these days, and not in a way that could possibly make them happy. One of the first corporate giants to take advantage of the Supreme Court's recent ruling lifting the prohibition of corporations donating to political candidates, they recently gave $150,000 to Tom Emmer, Minnesota gubernatorial candidate.

According to Huffington Post, Emmer is a far-right Republican who supports Arizona's draconian immigration law, wants to abolish the minimum wage and even gave money to a fringe group that condoned the execution of gay people., a liberal advocacy group, has called for a boycott of Target Stores by anyone who supports gay rights, immigrant rights, progressive politics, and opposes the Supreme Court's inexplicable decision to allow corporations to fund electoral candidates.

I am an unapologetic liberal and I believe in the power of boycotts. Even more, I believe in the power of negative publicity, and Target is getting plenty of it. I gave up grapes for a good part of the 1970s to support United Farm Workers and I gave up oranges to boycott Anita Bryant. But give up Target? The place where I buy my chinos and t-shirts? And cat litter and rawhide chews for the dog? Now you're really asking me to sacrifice. Gulp. Okay, I'll do it. Kohl's, here I come.

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