Monday, June 8, 2009

At Least He Tried

A man in Massachusetts was arrested for driving a lawn mower while under the influence. He recently lost his driver's license because of driving his vehicle while intoxicated -- apparently on more than one occasion. So what were the man and his friend supposed to do when they ran out of beer? The buddy didn't have a license at all. Possibly misunderstanding the word 'vehicle', the man with the revoked license decided to drive his lawn mower to the liquor store. The friend went along. They were picked up on their way home -- mower loaded down with six packs. Some cans remained unopened and some, alas, were already empty.
The arresting officer wasn't impressed by the good intentions of the man with the revoked license. A vehicle is, after all, a vehicle and under the influence is, after all, drunk.
At least, though, he tried. I suppose that counts for something. Just not in a Massachusetts Court of Law.

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Anonymous said...

I call that creative - drunk or not.