Saturday, June 13, 2009


We were in the discount grocery and the Other Family Human pointed out a super bargain - four pounds of strawberries for $5.99. I was doubtful. "That's a lot of strawberries for two people", I said. "You can't ever have enough strawberries", said the OFH, and so we hoisted them into our cart. They were really good strawberries, and the bargain price made them taste even better. We had strawberries in cereal, and strawberries on waffles, and strawberries on ice cream. That took care of the first pound. We had more strawberries. One day I actually considered a sandwich of peanut butter and sliced strawberries. We're down to the last pound, now, and we're probably going to see the bottom of the box soon. Today, we went to a potluck and someone brought strawberries with chocolate sauce. Not surprisingly, neither of us took any. But I will go out and buy some chocolate sauce.

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