Thursday, June 11, 2009

Please Define Definition

Tonight's the night, apparently, that rabbit ears along with roof top antennas become things of the past. This is the night, we are told, that television sets not connected to cable or satellite (however that works) become paper weights. Tomorrow morning we will be an HD nation.
High definition television is a digital television broadcasting system with higher resolution that traditional television systems. HDTV is digitally broadcast and requires less bandwidth due to digital video compression.
I have no idea what that means and, since where I live requires cable for even the snowiest television picture, it seems that I'm not impacted by this change over.
I don't watch that much television. Only recently did I realize that I haven't lately seen the NBC peacock who at one time announced that an upcoming program would be broadcast in color.
However, tonight is the second episode of the new season of my currently favorite television program -- Burn Notice.
All of a sudden I get it and appreciate my cable company whatever it's definition of my reception may be.
Bring it on!

1 comment:

Marnie said...

At least you won't be seeing the peacock anymore - you'll be seeing that the broadcast is in "high definition". Amusing post.