Monday, June 29, 2009

What Kind Of An Idiot Is Ben Stein?

Ben Stein is a lawyer, economist, actor, and finance commentator. He worked as an economist at the United States Department of Commerce. He contributes to Barron's and the Wall Street Journal. He writes finance articles for New York Magazine and the Washington Post. And in my opinion he lives with his head in a place where the sun never shines.
In a recent radio interview he said, I heard it with my own ears, that no one is suffering in Southern California. He said that here in Southern California we don't call being out of work UNemployment. We call it FUNemployment because we just use our unemployment checks to take vacations. He said no one is going hungry and no one is lacking a place to live. He said that he has seen no suffering in any of the cities where he owns homes -- Los Angeles, Palm Springs, London, someplace in Montana or Wyoming or some such and a couple of other places I can't remember because my blood pressure had risen to a deafening level. So I say, Ben, you either live on a different planet or you are an idiot. Who worked in all of those now empty store fronts and where are they going for FUN and where are they living?
And by the way, Ben. I don't think you're a very good actor either.
So there.
Blood pressure down. Hearing restored. I feel better.
I said it


Jim said...

Good point, Ben Stein has never been real funny or anything else for that matter.
I don't know why he is everywhere lately... seems to me he is just a shill for the neo-con movement. They are desparate, especially with Al Franken FINALLY being declared the winner in Minnesota for the U.S. Senate. Filibuster proof majority!!!
But I think maybe Stein does those Clear-Eyes commercials because he's smoking too much weed... definitely not in touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

I think Ben Stein is an idiot and those clear eyes commercials make me nauseated.