Monday, June 15, 2009

Win or Lose?

I don't get it. What's wrong with the people of Los Angeles? Did the Lakers win the basketball championship or not? The news said they won. Why, then, was there a riot outside Staples Center after the game? What is it? Don't people know the difference between win and lose or is it they just need some event to release all their hostility and pent up anger? Hostility and anger about what? The unfairness of it all...or to just be out of control for no apparent reason? Then why should Los Angeles allow a two mile parade for the champions when all it could do is create doom and destruction? Why doesn't the Mayor forbid the parade or is he afraid of the repercussions?

Win or be the judge.


Anonymous said...

An interesting post. I think people used the Lakers win as an excuse for destruction all in the name of celebration. Or perhaps the lines between the two have lately become blurred.

Marnie said...

I believe they've become blurred.