Monday, June 22, 2009

Last Week

So I'm trotting down the street, and I run into a delightful acquaintance of mine, who tells me about just the night before starting work on her website about, shall we say, a specific line of philosophical inquiry. I am pleased and intrigued to hear about this.

So I am continuing to amble down the street, and on the very same block I run into another equally delightful acquaintance, who tells me of how he is soon leaving for Nepal, where he is doing rather well as a blues musician. No, really. In Nepal, they like all sorts of music. He said he will be back, probably in a year at most.

Now how cool is all this? It comes from walking about and chatting with people. That simple. I never wear earbuds.

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Anonymous said...

As you've found out, it's great to be neighborly. Neighbors can be interesting.