Friday, August 14, 2009

Boy Was She!

Okay. Enough of this. But wait...just one more thing. Wondering who would first ask me about my readiness for the weekend was getting to me today. So after lunch, when none of the regular Friday interrogators had approached me, I sought one of them out and hit pay dirt at the copying machine.
"Hi," I said which was sufficiently out of character to cause low level alarm in my Friday regular.
The regular, being brave of heart and kind of spirit, turned to face me.
"Are you ready for the weekend," I asked with earnest good intention spilling from my every pore.
Her smile was immediate and broad.
"You better believe I am."
This variation on a theme threw me for a second but I quickly recovered and replied with enthusiasm to match hers.
"Me too," fairly shouted I.
When I returned to the privacy of my office I gave myself a high five and then went back to work.
That's it.
I'm finished.

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Marnie said...

What? No more TIGF's comments? What fun is that?