Monday, August 31, 2009

Fire, Fire Everywhere

I am very suspicious of the four fires (the Station Fire, the Morris Fire, the Oak Glen Fire and the Cottonwood Fire) surrounding the hilltops of Los Angeles and the valley area as well as the desert area (Yucapia), burning much more than 105 thousand acres involved in the Station Fire, are acts of nature. It's total disaster for those living near the fires, in the path of the fires and our courageous firefighters even to the extent of two firefighters giving their lives to save others - not to mention the health risk to many. Should these fires reach Mt. Wilson, our main commnication center, the populace will lose contact with the media and possibly the outside world. I can only hope if these fires were purposely started, the culprit or culprits are found and are sentenced to the max. I am sickened with the vastness of distruction.

Thank you Quebec for flying in your Super Scoopers. You have probably saved many lives and structures.

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