Monday, August 10, 2009

One Drop At A Time

Here in Southern California we are being asked to conserve water. Five minute showers should become de rigueur we are told and if they don't our water bills will increase significantly. We shall, in other words, be fined for not conserving water.
That's okay with me.
This does, however, involve behavioral change and we know that change is difficult. Whether we're trying to change the length of our showers or the amount we eat or how much we exercise or how many pages we write a day, change is tough. Understanding change can make change easier and thus possible.
One of the first steps in any change is understanding the reason for the change. Because the various water companies say so probably isn't enough to create significant and lasting change if we happen to be talking about changing the length of our showers to five minutes from however many minutes are in I'll get out when I feel like it.
Since it's rarely about what it appears to be about, I'm going to write over the next several days about change. I'll probably address our Southern California need to conserve water as the specific change. But change is change is change.
Whatever behavior we want to change, we can -- after all -- do it only one drop at a time.

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Marnie said...

People will either shorten their shower time or will skip them altogether. The latter could be downright smelly.