Monday, August 31, 2009

Report from the Belly of the Beast

As if things aren't smoky enough in Glendale, I needed to go to Montrose today, because The Family Dog eats a special kind of dog food that is not carried in chain stores, and he was almost out of it. Anderson's Pet Store on Honolulu Street carries it. I decided to take a deep breath and drive to Montrose. Schools are closed, but I didn't see any children around. It was early in the lunch hour but no one was patronizing the many Honolulu Street sidewalk cafes, although the owners had bravely set out the tables and chairs. I then stopped at the CVS drug store on Verdugo to pick up a few items. Things there seemed more like business as usual. One woman talking animatedly (and loudly) on a cell phone gleefully informed her friend that she had shown up for work, but her boss had closed the office for the day, so she was going shopping instead. As I was leaving, an L.A. County hook-and-ladder stopped in a corner of the parking lot and a couple of firemen headed toward the store. Everyone they passed either gave them a thumbs-up or went over to thank them and wish them a safe shift. Good.

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Marnie said...

Our firefighters are true HEROES!