Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meanwhile Back At The Water Faucet

So a few days have gone by since I began our conversation about change and specifically about changing the length of our showers.
Here are some more thoughts about considering change.
We need to give ourselves a pretty good reason to climb out of our six foot deep Oregon Trail ruts and choose a different path.
In the case of conserving water, information about the global water crisis might be sufficient motivation to cut our showers down to five minutes. Perhaps, possibly, probably not, though. Here in Southern California our cities have apparently already figured that out and have put in place a system of monetary fines if we fail to cut down on the amount of water we use. Ploughing through back water bills, the cities came up with how much water we should be using per household and upon that amount they base their fine structure. We can also be fined for obvious wastes of water and for failing to adhere to imposed days on which to water our gardens. Okay. I get it. We choose change to avoid penalty. That's another good reason.
Whatever reason we choose, giving ourselves a good reason to change helps us change.
Sounds easy, right? Yeah. Sure. When was the last time you flossed?
In order to change our behaviors we need a motivator. The approaching dental appointment generally send me to the bathroom drawer looking for the floss.
First thing about change then? Give yourself a good enough reason because change takes energy and planning.

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And planning takes energy.