Monday, August 10, 2009

In The Bag

Like any good citizen, I want the planet to survive. One way that I have been told I can help with this is by purchasing canvas bags and bringing them with me to the store so that I don't have to use those ubiquitous plastic grocery sacks in which they bag your purchases. I have a trunkful of canvas bags.

However, we also have a Family Dog and two Family Cats. I wish they took care of their own toileting tasks, but they don't. I also wish they could fix their own meals and get themselves jobs, but that is another post for another time. Suffice it to say that I use plastic grocery bags to take care of their needs. Having been a good citizen for the last few months, I have used up the backlog of pastic grocery bags. For this purpose, reusable canvas bags are not advised. What should I do? I have seen rolls of plastic bags for sale at the pet store, but it seems kind of ridiculous to pass up the free bags at the market and then pay for a roll of them at the pet store. On the other hand, the other shoppers glare at me when I ask for plastic instead of bringing my own bags. Any solutions to my situation here?

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Anonymous said...

Let them glare and keep on with the plastic bags at the store or buy them at the pet store. Either way, you have to dispose of the kitties' needs and I don't think flushing it would do. You'd need a plumber then.