Sunday, January 3, 2010

Avatar the Movie Is No House of Wax

I hadn't seen a 3D movie since my parents and my brother and I made the long drive from Arizona to Santa Ana to visit my Uncle Collins and my Aunt Pearl. That was the year we also went to Disneyland and almost went to the Long Beach pier except that we got so hopelessly lost my father gave up and headed home. Before the really lost afternoon we rode with Uncle Col and Aunt Pearl to a theater in downtown Los Angeles and saw The House of Wax with Vincent Price. To make the 3D work we wore cardboard glasses. Maybe I didn't know how to correctly place the glasses before my eyes, but I never saw anything that looked too real. I think I was supposed to see Vincent Price swinging out toward my face or something. Clearly my mother and my aunt wore their glasses correctly because they got so scared they waited out the movie in the lobby of the theatre.
Not so with Avatar.
If you haven't seen it, get yourself to a theater and put those over sized dark glasses on even over your own prescription glasses and enter a whole different world with stuff falling all around you.
It was great fun even in Pasadena a couple of days before the Rose Parade.

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