Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gosh - I Still Don't Care

So less than a year ago Jay Leno moved from 11:30 weeknights to 10:00 weeknights and Conan O'Brien moved from, I don't know, after Jay Leno to 11:30 and people - apparently - stopped watching both shows and on top of that stopped watching the NBC 11:00 nightly local news programs.  Now Jay Leno is moving from 10:00 back to 11:30 and Conan is just moving.
I never watched Conan O'Brien except for the one Gaslight Anthem appearance and I never watched Jay Leno much past half way thorugh his monologue when I realized I was watching Jay Leno and promptly shut off the television.
During the past days we've seen great drama over who did what to whom and who had the better show and who gets the most money to give up whatever.
I still don't care.

Here's what bothers me in this whole mess.
How could anyone in their right mind call what the NBC affiliates offer at 11:00 news?  There is no such thing any more as a network news program.
Perhaps what they meant to say is that the NBC affiliates entertainment programs sandwiched beteen the Jay Leno at 10:00 program and the Conan O'Brien at 11:30 program had lost viewers.
Maybe that loss had nothing to do with either gentleman but instead with the very bleak reality that no news is apparently all any televised ersatz news program can offer.

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