Saturday, January 9, 2010

It Is The Nature of Castles in the Sand to Disappear

I've been thinking about loss and change and how much energy we expend trying to hold on to what we've got when, ultimately, we're not going to keep it anyway. Surely when we build a sand castle on the shore we don't expect the tide to flow around that which we have created. The joy of building a sand castle is the building. If this were not the case no one would bother in the first place. If creation is a constant then perhaps we could diminish some of our life stress by focusing on the creating instead of the maintaining. This, of course, does not exclude maintaining a supply of clean clothes or a clean and orderly home. But somehow we get it that the laundry is never for all eternity done nor is the house forever clean once we've mopped the kitchen floor. And yet we (or read just plain I) try to hang on to other creations at work or in volunteer organizations or even in relationships changeless for all eternity. Once we (or read just plain I) get it really get it that letting go is what life is all about perhaps we including I will sleep better at night.


Anonymous said...

So are you quitting your job, dropping your synagogue membership, or dumping your friends?

MaryWalkerBaron said...

What I'm quitting is trying to control it all. Or at least that's what I'd like to quite trying to do. Also I'd like to not hang on to outcomes or to the thought of outcomes and just enjoy the ride.