Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dress for Success

For eight months I was unemployed and dressed accordingly. My daily uniform consisted of a t-shirt and either shorts or jeans, depending on the weather. Especially during the summer, when I sleep in a t-shirt and knit shorts, I often had to look in the mirror to check if I was dressed for the day or for bed.

Four weeks ago, I began an internship program at a nearby hospital. The salary is no better than being unemployed but it is a full-time commitment and will hopefully train me for a paying job. This hospital has a rather formal dress code. Female employees are expected to wear a professional suit, either pants or skirt, or a dress, or dress slacks. A jacket must always be worn. Male employees must add a necktie to their suit or sportcoat and dress slacks, so I'm getting off easy.

I was so excited about getting to dress for work that I had my first day's clothes laid out by ten o'clock in the morning the day before I began. I have a large array of professional clothing from my many years of employment, and I was eager to wear them again. I dove right in.

By Friday morning, the last day of my fourth week of dressing for success, I looked blearily at the suit on the hanger. Already, I was officially tired of wearing business dress every day. When I came home that evening, I was in my comfies before 7 p.m. Pathetic. I have spent the weekend being unable to distinguish between my day and night wear, and hopefully, by tomorrow morning, will be ready to jump back into my professional attire.

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