Saturday, January 30, 2010

The First Stone Won't Be Mine

In front of us in the grocery store check out line a rather rotund man emptied the contents of his shopping cart onto the conveyor belt thing to be scanned by the cashier.  His purchase consisted primarily of candy and cookies and ice cream and frozen pastries and some but not many boxes of high calorie, high fat frozen entrees.  Perhaps he was having a final splurge before committing himself to, possibly, the South Beach diet plan or Weight Watchers.  Perhaps he was hosting vegetarian relatives and was unclear on what those kind of folk like to eat.  I tried, I really tried, to think only positive thoughts about his purchases as I placed our own on the conveyor belt thing.  Yes, dietary righteous folk that we are, we bought raw vegetables and organic fruit and cage free eggs.  What I'm certain caught the eye of the guy in front of us, though, was the People magazine we couldn't wait to pay for before starting to read so we had already begun sampling the titillating articles while continuing to empty our shopping cart.  With any luck he failed to notice the two DVDs we purchased on impulse:  Category 7--The End of The World starring Shannen Doherty and 10.5 Apocalypse starring who cares. Come on!  I mean, one surely can't compare dietary trash to mind trash.  The People promised to tell us everything we could possibly want to know about Elizabeth Edwards having reached her breaking point and whether or not Tiger Woods could resume his golfing career once he leaves his sexual addiction program and if, in fact, the rumors about Brad and Angelina breaking up are true.  And those two DVD -- 10.5 Apocalypse ranks among the ten worst movies of all time and only cost $4.99 as did the other one the name of which I've already forgotten but up until the moment at the check out stand had never known about.  Who could resist buying an unknown awful movie for such little money?
Wait a second.
Speaking of resisting, I think I will try to resist the urge to judge the guy in front of us and just hope that he resists judging us.
That seems fair.

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