Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let Us Sing A Song Of Hope

Surely the world has stopped to succor Haiti where it is estimated that, when all of the bodies are finally discovered and counted, well over a hundred thousand people will have died in Tuesday's earthquake.  Indications are that at least three million people right now desperately need emergency assistance.  The population of Haiti on Monday was ten million.  Thirty per cent of the population now requires urgent medical attention.  Now ten per cent of the population is dead.
There isn't enough food.  There isn't enough water.  There aren't enough medical supplies.
A man was photographed digging with his bare hands into a pile of concrete hoping to save his wife whose screams had been silent for several hours.
Hundreds of people wander the streets of Port-au-Prince or sit on piles of rubble and sing.
They sing.
Surrounded by devastation, they sing of unimaginable sorrow.
If we can do nothing else, let us sing a song for Haiti.

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Marnie said...

I'll sing along with you!