Monday, January 25, 2010

Censorship Gone Askew?

The collegiate Merriam-Webster dictionary is being pulled from elementary school libraries until a panel can review it to determine if it contains inappropriate words that the young school children should not be subjected to. This is totally wrong! First of all, who is going to be on the panel and what words would be deemed inappropriate in the dictionary? This is total rubbish - or is this just another way to lower the two digit unemployment rate. These young kids will more than likely be subjected to a lot stronger and more inappropriate and violent words in their every day environment more so than any dictionary can provide. This is going too far in shielding our youngsters and is outrageous but, then, the country is trying to lower the unemployment. All of this at what cost? Will the already over-burdoned taxpayer be responsible for the cost? Will this prove to be another bureaucratic blunder as so many of these brilliant ideas are? Aren't we all just a little bit tired of being over-censored? What next?

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