Saturday, February 12, 2011

Legislatard: A word whose time has come

Congratulations to Michael Walker for his newly coined word: legislatard. In my opinion, this word deserves to be fast-tracked into the dictionary.

What does it mean? It's a portmanteau word, blending the concepts of legislator, retardation and illegitimacy. Admittedly, this is a grievious slur against those with mental or parentage challenges. But it is completely apropos for many current political office holders in places like, well, Arizona.

With uncanny accuracy, legislatard describes the species of lawmaker (or governor, or whatever) who would attempt to water down legal definitions of rape, balance state budgets by cutting indigent health care, and waste legislative time and resources posturing about U.S. law on immigration, citizenship, and presidential qualifications.

In fact, Arizonans should launch an initiative campaign requiring each lawmaker to wear a badge identifying him- or herself as a LEGISLATARD. Perhaps this would help restrain the self-important huffing and puffing of politicians like Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, by serving as the slave in Roman times who rode in the chariot beside the conquering hero, whispering into his ear: "Remember, you are mortal."

Sad that they need to be reminded of this.


Tom Walker said...

Oops, that badge should read LEGISLATARD. Left out an "L".

Anonymous said...

Great piece. When we get the badges we can easily add the missing