Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nothing Like A Little Silly Fun

On Thursday evening, the Other Family Human and I headed out to the clumsily-named Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California, to see the Harlem Globetrotters. You could call them a basketball team, but that's not exactly the game they play. Since 1926, the Globetrotters have been the kings of showy ball-handling and silly fun. You can count on them to dowse an audience member with a bucket which appears to be filled with water, but contains confetti.
 You can count on them to make a few children happy by giving them the chance to make a basket, usually by lifting the kid up till he or she can boost the ball in. They will strip the uniform off one of their opposing players, the long-suffering Washington Generals, until he is standing on the court in a pair of gaudy boxer shorts. They play football with the basketball and make stupid fart jokes.
As we were walking back to our car after the game/show/event, we watched the kids who had been in attendance. Most of their parents had bought them a red, white and blue basketball with the Globetrotters insignia, and they were all trying to dribble the ball behind their backs, or between their legs, or twirl in on their fingers.
Silly fun and exercise, too.
Go, Globetrotters.

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