Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not In Our Backyard

Okay.  I get it now.  The world is not confined to what I see in front of me.  In a previous article I made the confident and now I get it grandiose and incorrect statement that no snow had fallen in the greater Los Angeles area.  A more accurate telling is that no snow fell in our front yard.  It did snow in La Crescenta and Burbank and everywhere else in the greater Los Angeles area except in our front yard.  It even snowed in Tucson but that's another story and not my story because I don't live there.  Meanwhile back to me.  It doesn't seem fair that so many other people got to play in the snow and we didn't even get a single imperfect flake.  What have I learned from this devastating experience?  Here's what.  It's not all about me.  I am apparently not the center of the universe.  Shit.  I know that eventually I will recover from this narcissistic wound.  Just don't expect much from me for the next few decades.


Tom Walker said...

There, there. The mountains around Tucson were all white with snow this morning, but all we got was a thin line of the stuff across the top of our mailbox. I'm trying not to be too bummed-out about it.

mi3centsworth said...

Wow, if I had been a follower before today, I could have sent you about three inches of our twelve inches of snow back in the first weeks of February. So sorry you didn't get to form not one single snowball. I'm in St. Louis and we had record inches of snow like I remember having in my childhood days.