Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Snowman Today

We here in Southern California were beside ourselves with anticipation yesterday.  The snow level was supposed to drop over the night to 500 feet.  Five hundred feet?!  I heard someone say that someone told her that snow had not fallen that low in at least sixty years.  The elevation of the heliport at Glendale Adventist Hospital is 904 feet.  Since we live not far from that medical center and up in a canyon I figured our house was at least a thousand feet.  Why, we would probably be snowed in for days.  Driving home from work yesterday evening I heard an interview with someone in the public works department of the little town of Sierra Madre.  He was concerned that the city had no snow plows.  "All we've got," he told the interviewer with more than a hint of anxiety in his voice, "is an old road grader."  Sierra Madre, it seems, was preparing for the worst.
Of course, the greater concern for most everyone here in LaLaLand was the Academy Awards Sunday night in Hollywood.  What if the actors got cold walking down the red carpet?  What if it rained?  What if the intersection of Highland and Hollywood was closed because of the quarter inch or so of expected snow?
I woke up in the middle of last night to look out the window and glory at gently falling snow flakes.  I had my camera ready to document the momentous occasion.
Of course, it didn't snow last night.  At least not here in Los Angeles and nearby cities.  It did rain a lot but today the skies are bright blue.
The Academy Awards are safe as is the city of Sierra Madre.
It never hurts, I suppose, to dust off the old road grader just in case.

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