Thursday, March 3, 2011


When I looked at the mail last night, I saw an envelope addressed to me from Starbucks. I opened it to find my Starbucks gold card. A gold card! And it even has my name on it! About eight months ago, I began a job that has me traveling around all day. Starbucks has free wi-fi, nice restrooms, good coffee and allows me a place other than my car to sit and do my documentation in between visits. I guess I've been patronizing them a lot.

Today, I went to the Starbucks in La Canada to show off my new card and get some coffee. "A tall coffee of the day", I began modestly, "And here's my new gold card". "Very nice," the barista replied, "but I see you only have 1 cent on your account balance". "Well, that ill befits a gold card owner", I said, whipping the last $20 bill from my wallet, "Put this on my account". I stopped short of adding, "And draw a cup for yourself, my good man".

Later in the day, I drove past Burger King. The sign in their window says that they now serve Seattle's Best coffee. A cup of Seattle's Best at Burger King costs $1.00. The same size cup at Starbucks costs $1.50. Burger King also has nice restrooms and free wi-fi, and I can sit there for just as long without being disturbed. But they'll probably never give me a gold card, which entitles me to a free drink on my birthday. I will try not to think about how many extra 50 cents per cup I will spend over the next nine months in order to earn that free drink.

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Tom Walker said...

This is just the kind of quandary that ties me in knots. That, and my uncertainty over how to spell "quandary."