Saturday, March 5, 2011

So Few We Can Trust

It just seems that corruption no longer lurks in corners.  It walks with head held high among us.  Now deceit and dishonesty bask in the bright light of day as de riguer realities.  Fox News and the conservative pundits create their own realities and then present them to their viewing and listening public as gospel and are believed as much as any gospel.  Political platforms are modified and fictionalized after victory without outcry.
Things change and we are too bombarded to even notice much less protest.
Here's one change that really bothers me, though.  In a world of too few trustworthy voices, I desperately miss the Geico Gecko.  That voice (male or female not the issue) was one we could trust.  And all of a sudden, I recently realized, that voice is gone.
I say bring back that Gecko.  We need such voices now more than ever.

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