Monday, March 28, 2011

Pinball Commute

Last week or perhaps the week before something fell off of a flatbed truck onto a busy rush hour freeway.  Traffic stopped, luckily, and within minutes was backed up over fifteen miles.  I listened carefully to all of this because I was wending my own way home and thus was keenly interested in freeway conditions.  None of the announcers could identify the object once on the flatbed and now on the freeway.  They did agree, unanimously, that the object weighed 18,000 pounds.  How could something that heavy fall off of a truck and be unrecognizable and unidentifiable?  The announcers couldn't even speculate about its identify and never wavered from its weight.  I don't think I've yet had to swerve to miss an 18,000 pound unidentifiable object.  Here's what I have narrowly missed though:  torn tires, cardboard boxes, reams of paper, dead animals, wheel covers formerly called hub cabs, lumber, broken furniture, an intact couch and not too long ago a mangled washing machine.
Driving the Los Angeles freeways has become very much like my imagined life in a pin ball machine.
Ah, well, tomorrow's another day and another commute.

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