Tuesday, March 15, 2011

May He Finally Rest In Peace

Army Cpl. Frank Buckles died last month at the age of one hundred and ten.  Today he was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.

Cpl. Buckles was the last of the World War I 'doughboys'.  Yes.  He fought in and survived that war to end all wars.
Except, of course, it didn't end all wars.
Buckles came home to talk about that war and to lobby for a more lasting tribute to those who served.
Today hundreds of visitors filed past the flag-draped casket inside the chapel at Arlington National Cemetery.  Flags will be lowered in his honor and memory.
I believe that war is one of the great insanities of life.
Nevertheless, I believe that our warriors deserve our highest honors.
Cpl. Buckles today received those high honors.
And we yearn for the time when war will end not with one final battle but with the realization that life deserves more than shallow graves in forgotten fields.

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