Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stop Insulting The Mentally Ill

Today the participants in my Men's Depression Group wanted to talk about Charlie Sheen.  They were feeling pretty angry and had a thing or two to get off their collective chests.
Here's something you should know about this group.  They all suffer from significant mental illness -- Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder.  Some have been homeless.  Some have been involuntarily hospitalized.  Some have been incarcerated.  Some have attempted suicide.  Some are actively hallucinating.  Some teeter on the edge of relapse.  And despite all their distractions and obstacles, they keep coming to the weekly group.
Talking about anger is good for depression especially when anger is such a big part of depression.  Today's discussion was really good for these really brave men.
Here's what they had to say about Charlie Sheen.
It's insulting to the chronically and persistently mentally ill when people say that Charlie Sheen must suffer from a mental illness.  One radio personality with absolutely no authority in such matters went so far as to diagnose him as suffering from Bipolar Disorder.
He's not mentally ill, one group member said with more energy than I'd seen in some time.
Another participant agreed and said, "He's just a wasted jerk who got too much attention and too much money way too soon."
All participants agreed that the main problem with Charlie Sheen is that he's way too full of himself and he has taken way too many drugs.
"The human brain doesn't do too good when all those chemicals are pumped into it," another participant concluded.
I feel protective of the mentally ill and they deserve better than to be compared to an ego-manical coked out narcissist.
You go, Men's Depression Group.
Of course, witsendmagazine will continue to offer sarcastic Sheen observations.  It's too much to resist.


Tom Walker said...

I'm giving up sarcastic Sheen observations for Lent. But since Lent doesn't begin until midnight, here's one last shot: The members of your Men's Depression Group seem to have a lot more going for them than Charlie Sheen.

V. Furnas said...

As the sister, and cousin to many bipolar family members I say..here here to those brave men.

I agree, and am way irritated with people glorifying his chemical induced mania. The press needs to find their next tragedy in motion.

Anonymous said...

Great piece.

He is making a lot of people look bad, including people who struggle with drug addictions.

As far as I can see, the worst thing about Charlie Sheen is his epic narcissism.

The worst thing I can see about this entire situation is that the American people are fixated on this moron when we have so many other larger issues to consider.

Anonymous said...

The worst thing I can see about Charlie Sheen is his epic narcissism.

The worst thing I can see about this entire situation is that the American people are fixated on this moron instead of looking at problems of greater importance.

Anonymous said...

Too much attention has been paid to Sheen - he's a real jerk. He was paid entirely too much for his TV series - discustingly too much - no one is worth that much ever - he's acting like a spoiled child and can't seem to get enough attention. He's totally drugged out!