Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Good Gerritsen Book

I am a slow reader.  I plod through even the most engaging stories.  Imagine, then, my shock when early Saturday morning I started reading Ice Cold  by Tess Gerritsen and finished it late Saturday evening.  I literally could not put it down.
It's a mystery so if you don't like mysteries, don't bother even opening the book.
Even if you don't like mysteries, though, I assume you like good writers or you wouldn't have stuck with this blog for so long even though by my own admission its been sketchy over the past several weeks.  Sorry about that but enough about me.
Here's the thing about Tess Gerritsen.  She just keeps getting better and better.  Some writers are like that.  Others, not so much.
So, if you want to read a mystery that you truly can't put down pick up Ice Cold.
I don't suggest, however, that you pick it up close to bed time because if you do you will be up all night.

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