Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back In The Saddle

Here it is the first of May.  Time to refocus and get back at it.  Here's the thing about saddles.  They are easy to fall out of and king of hard to get back into.  Could be the rhythm of the ride.  I don't know.  Habits, though, are fragile things.  Take, for example, writing something everyday.  Lose one day and the weeks can turn into more weeks.  Or diets.  Now those are easy saddles to fall out of.  One cookie and we're prone to say why bother and head for those donuts filled with strawberries someone brought to work awhile back and I was able to refuse.  But here's the neat thing about saddles.  We can get back into them.  So here I am.  Back in the saddle.  Again.

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