Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hi. I'm a jerk. Please vote for me.

Here in LaLaLand we're all abuzz with the news of our former governor's having admitted to fathering a child a decade or so ago by a woman not his wife.  Well, now we understand why his wife moved out.
Okay.  Here's the thing.  I don't much care if Arnold or anyone else sleeps around, fathers children all over the globe or anything else.  That type of behavior wouldn't influence whether or not I voted for him.  Here's what matters.  The lies.  The deceit.
I can't imagine anyone actually campaigning by saying things like:  I'm a two-timing son of a bitch.  I cheat on my wife.  I've got kids all over the planet.  But I will be the best governor you can imagine.
Wow!  That would be something.  I might even consider voting for a guy like that.
So, Arnold, you lied -- to an entire state but especially to your wife.
We deserved better.  Certainly she did.
Next time you run for something, tell it like it is.

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