Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Go Hug A Nurse

This is National Nurses Week so go find a nurse and give a hug or at least a thank you or at the very least a how in hell do you do what you do salute.  I mean it.  I could never be a nurse.  It's not the needles or the stuff oozing out of orifices.  At least I don't think it is.  It's the constant caring that would do me in.  My mother had three older sisters and they were all nurses.  Clearly that sort of compassion is not genetic.  Not that my mother wasn't compassionate.  She was.  Very.  It's just that she fainted at the sight of blood.  And me?  Like I said, it's the constant compassion that would do me in.  At any rate, this is National Nurses Week and last week I developed a keen sense of appreciation for nurses and all they do and all they tolerate.  In my opinion they should get a whole hell of a lot more time than a week.  I guess it's a good start, though.
So, if you're wearing a hat, take it off to a nurse before the week is over.

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