Friday, May 13, 2011

If today is Friday the Thirteenth

Then we know the first day of May was on a Sunday.  That's just the way it works.  So if we believe that Friday the thirteenth is a bad luck day than so, too, must we believe that Sunday the first is bad luck because without Sunday the first we couldn't have Friday the thirteenth.  I'm just saying.
Time has been kind a a blur for me lately so I didn't realize today was a Friday the thirteenth until someone stopped at my office doorway and said, "How's it going so far?"  Even where I work that was an off the wall question.  My blank stare was correctly read as "What in hell are you talking about?" and so I got the explanation that this was that famous bad luck day.  Even after I knew the intention of the off the wall question I still stared blankly.  I mean, I had safely made it to work despite debris laden freeways upon which drove suicidal or homicidal lunatics.  By my standards the rest of the day has to be great.  After a few moments the person who had asked the off the wall question wandered off to other pursuits.  I wish we worked on Sundays so I could lamely ask someone how their bad luck Sunday the first was going so far.

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