Monday, May 2, 2011

In Praise of Quiet Leadership

The announcement came simply and solemnly:  The man who killed thousands had, himself, been killed.  There was no presidential landing on an air craft carrier, no posturing in faux military costume, no chest thumping bragging.  He simply told it like it was.  All of that happened last night.  Today there are no rifles fired in the Times Square air.  Yes, some rejoice at this death.  Some breathe long held sighs of relief.  Some feel confused.  Others feel sad.  The man is dead and the world is doubtless a safer place because he is dead.  And that is one last tragedy on so many tragedies created by this dead man.  For the world to be a better place because he is no longer in it is its own tragedy.  No life should be so twisted, so turned away from light and good, that we feel relief when that life ends.  And yet for those who still reach out to hold hands turned to dust a decade ago even this simple relief may seem even now too painful to contemplate.

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Susan F said...

Well stated. I cannot rejoice when we continue to attempt to end violence with more violence.