Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At Least A Thosand Words

Or so they say that's the going price of a picture.
Even if the data contained in the photograph isn't entirely accurate, I think it accurately reflects the mind set of way too many people that it's better to be able to marry your cousin of the presumably opposite sex than it is to marry the person you love who happens to be your same sex.
The assumption is that two cousins of the opposite sex can reproduce even if said reproduction is so genetically flawed as to be species non specific.
Come to think of it, if a female human somehow had sex with a male goat and that coupling reproduced that relationship would be considered, by the standards that see reproduction as the goal of marriage, quite all right.
Or perhaps I exaggerate.
At any rate, this photograph is alarming in its accuracy.
Don't you think its time we did something about this?

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