Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Family Dog's Girlfriend

I have just broken the news to The Family Dog that we are moving back to California. On the whole, he's happy wherever I am, but it means he is going to have to bid farewell to his girlfriend Sadie.

Sadie lives in the house two doors down from our temporary New Jersey home. She is some sort of husky mix, and has one ear that stands up and one ear that flops down. She's pretty darn cute. Her humans often leave her outside on a long leash for a couple of hours at a time, and The Family Dog stands at the sliding glass door and looks at her. He stares. He whines. He moans. From time to time I take pity and take him out to walk past her. Sadie puts her nose up in the air. If we get too close, she growls. The Family Dog affects disinterest and goes about his business.

However, once the other one is no longer within reach, it's a different story. We walk past, and Sadie strives to reach and sniff where The Family Dog has been. Once she is inside, he wants to sniff her perimeters. They seem to like the way each other smells better than they like the dog itself. Some relationships are just like that, I guess.

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Marnie said...

To save Saddie's broken heart (and you know she's really hiding her feelings since us females tend to hide our feelings at times), have The Family Dog promise Saddie that he will write her as soon as he reaches California. Then get in touch with Saddie's parents and give them the message from The Family Dog. Cute story and thanks for sharing it.