Friday, May 22, 2009

Reverse Road Trip - Day One

Random thoughts from a day on the road:
The A&P market in Hoboken has really high prices, but the red and yellow Delicious apples were on sale, so we got them. The Pennsylvania Turnpike has really improved its highway rest stops since the last time I drove through. If you want to know where all the American family farms went, look in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. May is a beautiful time of year to be on the road. You can always get a decent meal and a lot of corny fun at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. It doesn't take long for someone who hasn't driven a stick shift since 1974 to get the knack again. Zanesville, Ohio is a hub for crafts; especially pottery and basket weaving, but we don't really have time to appreciate it. Tonight, we are shooting for Rolla, Missouri. The Other Family Human is wearing her St. Louis Cardinals t-shirt. She hopes Derek Jeter will forgive her, just this once.

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