Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just For The Airport I Would Live There

Generally airports are just things we walk through to get someplace else. The Albuquerque International Airport is different.
It's friendly. It's pretty. And it's a perfect place for a picnic. Really. The parking lot provides views of the mountains. Benches and tables invite people to stay awhile. So we did. There in the parking lot in between thunder storms, we dined on sushi and fruit and tea. People who walked by admired the Family Dog and even smiled at us. They paused to chat -- about the weather, about the dog -- about all sorts of stuff.
And inside the airport people waiting for passengers or seeing people off have a chance to eat and wash up and pause to shop before the security madness separates them from those who are coming or going on the airplanes for which the airport was designed.
The place seems to want people around.
Go figure.
If I had frequent flyer miles to carelessly use before they expired, I would definitely fly to Albuquerque just to be in the airport.

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Anonymous said...

If I ever get to Albuquerque, the airport will be on my agenda.