Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just Don't Tell Anyone

Listening with one ear and very little attention to detail, I caught the latest radio headlines as I drove home from work.
Somewhere between the Miller Brewery in Irwindale and a gridlock just the other side of Pasadena, I listened to an interview with a torture authority.
He didn't want his identity disclosed so he spoke behind a screen -- for the radio interview.
However, the interviewer used the torture authority's name.
Perhaps speaking the name of a person whose face is hidden behind a screen is just one way of protecting the person's identity.
I missed the point of the interview because I got so wrapped up in fathoming the logic of this approach to privacy.
Also, of course, I was driving.

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Marnie said...

It was probably something about "waterboarding" which the officials say we have never done. I can't buy that one can you? We've done exactly what we've been accused of after all it's supposedly to save our country and we seem to go to the inth degree to protect our undercover operations.