Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Going Where The Grass Doesn't Grow

It's wildfire season in Southern California and one is already burning in Santa Barbara. More cases of Swine Flu are rumored or reported. Despite all the money sent their way, our banks may not be doing as well as hoped.
And this morning as I drove to work I had to dodge a man driving a lawn mower in reverse on the wrong side of the street -- if there is any right side of the street on which to drive a lawn mower going backwards.
It's amazing how given a steady bombardment of disaster news we can put all sorts of stuff in the background until we just don't give it much attention.
However, having to quickly move out of our lane of traffic to dodge a lawn mower going backward while coming toward us can really get us focused.
Or, perhaps I should avoid the Royal We and say instead: Wow! That woke me up!

1 comment:

Marnie said...

Most of us are used to a "hum-drum" existence and need something unusual to happen before we come out of our stupor and the lawnmower incident would do it for me.