Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Just For Eight Hours

Tomorrow in my neighborhood the Public Service Department will cut off the electricity for about eight hours for necessary repairs. This is as opposed to the recent multiple unexpected power outages lasting for several hours at a time.
So we know tomorrow between eight in the morning and five in the evening we will not have electricity. We can make plans.
Still, though, eight hours seems like a long time when everything we do depends in one way or another on electricity.
Good practice, I suppose, should we suddenly lose electricity on a much broader scale and descend into another dark age.
Should that happen I will definitely cancel my membership in the Book of the Month Club not because of a lack of light by which to read but because a dark age depends also on mental darkness.
I don't think the Age of Enlightenment referred to better candles.
Lights on. Lights off.
The important thing is to keep thinking.

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Anonymous said...

You know that saying "The lights are on but, nobody is home". I agree - let's keep the lights on.