Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reflections From the End of the Road

The hand-off from one travel companion to another went off well. One Family Human flew in from Los Angeles to Albuquerque and the Other Family Human flew back to New York. There was time enough in between for a picnic lunch at the Albuquerque International Airport as documented in another entry here.

The First Family Human and I had arrived early enough the previous day to enjoy an afternoon walking around Old Town Albuquerque and a nice dinner at our hotel. The main plaza of Old Town is the center of a number of streets which feature shops displaying Native American crafts - turquoise, silver, blankets, embroidered shirts and dresses. A sign on the door of a store holding a close-out sale told us that it was one of only two Indian-owned stores in all of Old Town. I was dismayed and surprised. The Other Family Human, who spent considerable time working on an Indian reservation in upstate New York, was just dismayed.

So, the Family Dog and I are at the end of our road for now, back in Los Angeles. We love to travel by car, and are looking forward to our next adventure.


Tom Walker said...

Speaking only for the Family Dog, I hope you stay put for a while before your next adventure.

Marnie said...

Welcome back to L.A. Leslie. You were missed.