Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Another One

Ho hum...Just another earthquake. It was a 4.7 according to Cal Tech in Pasadena. My son frantically yells, "We're having an earthquake. We're having an earthquake." I look around and see nothing falling or moving. I see the dog peacefully sleeping and the cats are all snuggled in their beds sound asleep...not even a twitch from them. My neighbors didn't frantically run out of their houses. Everything was quiet.

I replied to my son, "Relax, it's not doom's day yet. It's not the Big One. It's just another of our many earthquakes we have in Southern California....No Big Deal."

I've lived in Southern California most of my life. I've lived through too many quakes for this one 4.7 to even ruffle my feathers. I just can't get that excited anymore when a quake hits - I've gone through all the emergeny procedures and know them well, so I can't let one little 4.7 bother me. I'm more than prepared should we be rocked out of our home.

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